A Note from Rose Partington: HOPE Zambia Toys Needed

Dear brothers and sisters,

As many of you are aware Steve and Sharon Clark and HOPEworldwide Zambia are in the process of setting up and very soon opening a pre-school and nursery in Lusaka, called THE LEARNING TREE. They have a Facebook page if you haven’t seen it already go to ‘The Learning Tree’. It is a very exciting adventure.

How can you help????

The school is in need of some toys and equipment and we are asking if any of you with children might have educational items of GOOD QUALITY that you can donate to the school. This would be an opportunity for your children to give too! (Sharon specifically said for you not to go out and buy them, but if you had any the children were no longer using?)

They have a donor for books and have an abundance of soft toys so these are not needed. I have attached a list of what they do need. If you are able to donate anything, please will you let us know by E-MAIL and bring the items if possible on FRIDAY 24th when we will have a Zambia evening when The Clarks will be doing a report on the work in Zambia.

Thank you all so much for your continued interest and support.


Items needed for THE LEARNING TREE

5 abacus (counters)
2 sets of plastic building blocks
2 sets of wooden building blocks
5 Plastic Cooking sets
10 Dinosaurs
5 Dolls preferably black
10 sets of dressing up clothes
5 Fisher Price rings
2 Goal nets
Any Melissa and Doug educational toys: e.g. sandwich set, pattern blocks, fruit set, basic skills board, food groups set, geometric sorting board.
5 Mini laptops
Plastic domestic animals
Plastic toy insects
Plastic wild animals
20 Small black boards
Small cars

HOPE Zambia Opportunities

Albert and his team introduced tremendous opportunities for us to participate in the HOPE work going on in Zambia. Have a look at the attached engagement opportunities document. Please read it and complete the questionnaire at the back.

Engagement opportunties_TVCOC_June 5

Here is a link to a web survey page you can use if you’d prefer it: survey.