HOPE worldwide Zambia – news August 2016

HwwZ Intersite Tournament 2016A semi regular news update for our staff, volunteers and partners, about our work to serve the poor in Zambia

So the elections are over now, my first one in Zambia. After much noise but thankfully only minimal unrest on the streets of Lusaka, things are returning to normal. Our staff working in the compounds lost some days on site, but all are safe.  Thank you for your prayers.

We have had an amazing week, with 7 volunteers from the UK who have helped us with our programs here in Zambia.  Zone, Diana and Rose have helped us at our Learning Tree preschool; Athena has run first aid training sessions for our preschool staff as well as those form the surrounding communities;  Julie and Dennis have helped to mentor and support the team through training and mentorship; John Partington has been busy constructing a wall fence around the site of our building at Chibolya.  Athena’s feedback from the first aid training was enlightening – some students thought that the best way to treat a burn on a child was to rub in an egg, or butter.  Others thought that choking could be cured with a large piece of Nshima (a maize flour dish). She was happy to suggest some safer alternatives 🙂

We met this last week with PEPFAR, a US funder.  We have proposed to them a small Early Childhood Development (ECD) program within Mtendere Compound.  We’re excited because this would be our first proper ECD program in Zambia.  HOPE worldwide SA have developed some excellent Early Childhood Parent Support groups.  The program for PEPFAR would see this delivered to 300 Families in Mtendere over 12 months.  We should hear if we’re successful in October, faithfully this will be first of many ECD that we can deliver into Zambia

Our intersite tournament this year has also just finished, with 30 children from each of our 4 sites in Lusaka competing using poetry, song and debating. Some great talents, inspiring each other to succeed, to live healthy and safe lives, and raise awareness of HIV and the challenges that they have in common. We even had coverage from mobiTV this year !

Finally, we are continuing to promote our preschool in Kabulonga, Lusaka, The Learning Tree preschool, run by HOPE worldwide will generate an income for our core programs in Zambia for Orphans and Vulnerable Children.  Perselyne and her team were promoting the school at Manda Hill today, we’re hoping to enroll more pupils at the start if next term.  You can see that they’re all bonded nicely, in the attached photo.

If you have any news that you’d like to share in the next update, please do let me know, or send photos.

God Bless!

Steve & SharonThe Learning Tree Preschool Promotion - Lusaka

Leadership Development Presentation 5 August

God has kindly increased our number, and spread us more widely than ever before. We have been considering the implications for our leadership for quite some time. After much consultation, study and prayer we are delighted to bring the conclusions to the congregation this Friday 5th August.  Please come along to hear Tim and Malcolm explain the new plans. The presentation will be recorded for any who are unable to make it. Please be praying for these important developments.