Zambia Update October 2016

rose_photoThree of our staff members traveled to Johannesburg last week for orientation meetings around the DREAMS* Innovation Challenge program that we’ve been awarded. The HOPE ww Zambia Team did an amazing job in securing the grant; it’s a high-profile program funded directly from the US Department of State and only 56 out of 800 applications were selected. Our program will open 10 After-School Clubs in some of the most challenging areas of Lusaka. The objective is to identify girls who have dropped out, or are at risk of dropping out, of secondary school. Girls’ education is often called the social vaccine against HIV because of the significant reduction in HIV incidence among better-educated girls and young women. Increasing girls’ access to and retention in education reduces their risk of contracting HIV.

As well as the opportunity to help 1,200 girls stay in school, the grant offers technical assistance to the awardees, helping them to build their capacity, processes and tools, to deliver their programs successfully. Our experience of working on larger programs started for myself and two colleagues on the way to the orientation – this was their first ever flight on a plane and there was some nervousness. I’ve flown many times before, so fortunately I was able to give advice about what sort of parachute to take and what to do in case of turbulence (put your head between your knees and start praying loudly). They found a way to pay me back though for my insensitivity, with a few hours of window shopping one evening in a Johannesburg shopping mall – not my cup of tea!

Our other HIV education program, with Safe Motherhood Groups and Youth Friendly groups is also gathering pace. We’ve been able to reach out to 840 Women and Youths so far, with another 18 months of meetings, peer support and training still to come.

Among all the numbers though it’s easy to lose track of the individuals. Rose, aged 10, circled in the attached photo, attends a Community School from 12 noon until 4pm. The Community School has one classroom, where a volunteer (without qualifications) teaches about 40 or more children. After school, Rose walks home again with her friends and arrives back home at about 5.30pm. There is no electricity in the house, so the family use candles for lighting after 6pm when it’s dark. Her mother has little idea from week to week, and sometime day to day, how she’s going to pay the rent, or feed the family. Rose doesn’t care though, you’ll see in the photo that she’s beaming……Note-to-self: smile more and moan less!!

God Bless


* DREAMS = Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-Free, Mentored, and Safe women.


The Autumn Student Retreat is now open for bookings at

Smallwood Manor School, Marchington, near Uttoxeter, Staff, ST14 8NS
Friday, 11th November (18:00) to Sunday, 13th November (13:00)


Calling all university students!

Do you want to GROW deeper in your understanding of the scriptures?
Do you want to GROW in your faith?

If your answer is yes, then come and join us from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th November for a weekend of spiritual GROWTH

Like all important parts of life, spiritual growth takes time and pursuit. Join the student ministry as we learn how to GROW in different aspects of spiritual life. It will be a weekend full of inspiring lessons, fun fellowship and plenty of games and activities!!

“So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.” 1 Corinthians 3: 7 (NIV 2011)

Registration will be online 18 or 19 October! The booking deadline will be Sunday 6th November at midnight or when capacity is reached.
Late bookings will incur a £20 admin fee!

£50 Retreat ONLY
£70 Retreat AND London Coach

Useful Information
Accommodation: Smallwood Manor is a country house set in 50 acres of the beautiful Staffordshire countryside. During the week it is home to a local school but at weekends opens its doors to groups wishing to have some time away together. We have held student retreats at Smallwood Manor for several years! Accommodation is dormitory style. Duvets and pillow are provided – you must bring your own duvet covers, pillow case, sheets & towels.

How to get there: Students travelling from London, we have booked a coach to travel from central London to Smallwood and return. Please use the Retreat AND London Coach option if applicable.
Students from other churches, please check about travel arrangements with your local student leader. Please use the Retreat ONLY registration option. Any additional travel costs will be arranged locally if applicable.
Nearest rail station: Uttoxeter. About 4 miles. Taxi rank at station.

London Coach:
Friday – London coach departs Melton St at 19-00 (7pm)
Sunday – London coach departs Smallwood 14-00 (2pm)

Check-in and out for anyone not on the London coach :
Friday – Check in from 18-00 (6pm)
Sunday – Departure latest 14-30 (2-30pm)Prices: We do not wish for anyone to be unable to attend on account of cost and would suggest that if you are in a situation like this you speak to your local leadership team.

Refunds: Please note that payments are generally non-refundable. If you need to cancel please let us know as soon as possible. Any refund requests will be processed at the discretion of the ICC Missions Trustees and may incur and administration fee.

Zambia Progress Update

A semi regular news update for our staff, volunteers and partners, about our work to serve the poor in Zambia

The seasons have changed now in Zambia, that’s for sure.  The days where we would contemplate a jumper (pullover / sweater / jersey, depending on your origins) are far behind us, and the heat we remember on arriving in Zambia around this time last year is upon us….35°C in the shade today.  This means that we have now tested our Aquaponic fish farm social enterprise in all conditions, from the challenges of keeping the fish warm through the ‘winter’ – not really a proper winter in the UK sense of the word, but cooler weather nevertheless – and now back in the summer where we rely on the shade netting to protect the salads from the sun. Everything is well with both fish and vegetables, our plan is that this project will provide skilled work, generate income, and grow produce for the local high value markets in Zambia.

Work is well underway on the larger farm, out of Lusaka, with space for more Aquaponics…… and living quarters for 5,000 chickens, which has now been completed (see photo attached). We’re also planning a place for visitors to stay on the farm, we’re a little off the beaten track but please do think of joining us for a holiday.  Many friends already have visited us in Lusaka, and have ended up loving the country as we now do.

Since our last update, when we tentatively mentioned a PEPFAR grant application, we’re pleased to say that this has now been awarded to HOPE worldwide Zambia. Overall funding levels are modest, but it’s significant as it’s our first Early Childhood Development project, with many more to follow we hope.  The program will improve the care and education of those who are Vulnerable or Orphaned, often as a result of HIV.  Three of us attended the launch day at the US Embassy here in Lusaka last week; it’s an imposing modern building, high up on a hill. We were treated to a talk from the US Ambassador, who reminded us that the US has spent $1.7b in Zambia since 2004 on fighting HIV/AIDS, an astonishing amount.

If you have any news that you’d like to share in the next update, please do let me know, or send photos

God Bless!



Zambia Hope Youth Corp

We are very pleased that Zambia has been selected as a site for a HOPE Youth Corps (HYC) trip next year in July
HYC is open to volunteers from around the world, to work on a particular HOPE project, and the Zambian project will be to renovate a preschool in Mtendere. It will last 2 weeks and there is an option to travel to Livingstone to see Victoria Falls afterwards. Anyone is welcome to join, including singles, marrieds, and families.
The exact dates are still being finalized, and details will be put on the HYC website soon. Registration opens on 1 December.
Many thanks,jeremy_building_house_003

Sharon Clark

Development Manager

HOPE worldwide Zambia