Worship Music Survey!! What are we listening to?

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Worship Music Survey – tvcoc

Our style of worship has developed over the years. Most of our congregations have moved from an a cappella hymn-based Church of Christ style to a mix of hymns, choruses, worship songs and other genres. Such diversity of worship music reflects the diverse backgrounds and preferences in our congregations today. That’s were we’ve been, and where we are. But where are we going? Worship music is more varied than at any previous time. From plainsong to Hillsong we have an extensive menu available. Access to worship music is more open than ever. Radio, the web, smart phones and the like mean we’re never more than a click away from music. The worship team want to make the most of new ideas while not neglecting what is good in our current approach. Answering the questions below will give us some guidance. Your comments will help us to keep what is helpful, while exploring the new.

1. Do you listen to music on Christian radio stations / online? If so, which ones? What is it about the music on that station you like?

2. List three of your favourite worship artists / albums / groups and what you like about them. • • •
3. Which songs or types of songs that you listen to would you like to see us add to our times of corporate worship?

Do you have any other thoughts you think would be useful for the worship team?

Thank you and God bless,



ODAAT Program – Say No to a Coffee in November to help….

ODAAT offers effective services for substance misusers who are serious about recovery.
How ODAAT works

How ODAAT works

A significant factor in our success has been our tried and tested emphasis on empowerment for our clients and the value of peer support.

Delivered through our recovery houses which are closely monitored and supervised by staff, but are deliberately not staffed 24 hours a day, residents assume personal and individual responsibility for their abstinence and recovery one day at a time. The regular planned and supervised involvement of Graduate ex-residents at every level of the programme creates a powerful sense of togetherness, mutual support, community and proof that individuals can use the programme to succeed. Indeed graduates are quite clear that these two pillars of the programme are a central part of its success for them. This is complemented by: one to one and group counselling, 12-step therapy groups, relapse prevention, anger management and life skills groups as well as social and sporting activities.

There are five distinct stages to the ODAAT programme and two ‘points of entry’.

1. Medicated and nursed detoxification (referral to external detox)

2. Pre-admission (2-21 days)

3. 1st Stage Programme (3 months)

4. 2nd Stage Programme (3 months)

5. Post-graduation support (Aftercare) (8 weeks to 1 year +)

Contact us by telephone on 020 3659 4809, or by email


Saturday 30th December 2017 – Tuesday 2nd January 2018

The Windmill Christian Centre, Millgate Loan, Arbroath DD11 1QG

The Edinburgh and Glasgow Churches warmly invite you to ring in 2018 with us!  We will celebrate the new year in beautiful, historic Arbroath at the Windmill Christian Centre.  Arrival is from 3 pm on Saturday, 30th December and departure is Tuesday, 2nd January after lunch.

Our theme is “New Beginnings” and our keynote speakers will be Paolo and Cara Ugolini (Glasgow, Scotland).  The Hogmanay retreat will be filled with great fellowship, spiritual teaching, as well as with fun activities for children, teens, and adults. We will have a Grand Gala Ceilidh to bring in the New Year. A highlight, as always, is cooking and eating together. It is truly an opportunity to experience Acts 2:42!

Accommodation is hostel-style, with a good mix of family rooms, single beds and bunk beds.  The price covers all meals from Saturday evening to Tuesday lunch, with opportunity for everyone to participate in the cooking!

It’s as easy as clicking on this link for info and registration (for placement on your emails, FB, and websites):  http://www.edinburghchurch.org/ChurchWide/ContentPage.aspx?PageTitle=Hogmanay%202018&Region=Edinburgh

For more details about the centre and Arbroath please click the links below:
Windmill Christian Centre
Arbroath tourist information