Revised dates for contribution to the work in Nepal

A message from John Partington:
“As many of you know I need to return to Nepal tomorrow for 2 weeks. Please pray that things go well. Because of this we have moved the Gift for the Poor from 13th and 15th July to Friday 20th July and Sunday 5th Aug.
Money can still be given after these dates but this will be when we would like to have most of the money in.
Many thanks, John”

Announcement regarding rooms on Friday

Sooner than expected!
Bracknell Leisure Centre have informed us that the Forest Suite is no longer available for hire. It is now closed pending the start of building work.
Here is what that means for the next few Fridays:
  1. The meeting begins at the usual time of 8 o’clock in the Multipurpose room (that’s the one with the mirrors).
  2. After the usual singing, announcements and birthdays, the children will go to the following rooms:
    1. Teens to the hospitality suite
    2. Pre-teens to the sports hall
    3. Younger children to two squash courts
Whilst it has to be said that the Multipurpose room is not ideal for the adult classes, the facilities for our children come before the facilities for the adults. As always, the children have priority. The search will go on for a more suitable venue. But for now, we will make do with what we have.
This Friday we begin a new four-part series called, “Progress and joy in the faith”. All the classes will be taught by younger members of the congregation. The first lesson is a brother and sister combo. Joshua and Karina Law will be teaching and sharing together.
Looking forward to seeing you, Malcolm