One Can Food Bank Christmas Donations

Dear Thames Valley
Christmas is approaching fast and I just wanted to let you know what the One Can Trust Food Bank is doing to help those in need over the Christmas period.
They have been very appreciative of our Harvest donations for the last two years and to help boost donations during the festive season they are promoting a reverse advent calendar. So as your children, or you, open your advent door each morning and receive your treat please consider putting a treat or item of food in a box for the food bank.
As they would like the items to be distributed in the Christmas food parcels it would only be possible for us to collect until Sunday Dec 16th. Then the items could be brought to our Carol service that afternoon and I will take them on Monday 17th to High Wycombe to the One Can Trust.
If anyone would like to help out by donating items of food it will be gratefully received.
Your Sister,
Angela May

Helping the needy – questionnaire

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