Hope UK-Volunteer Corps to Nepal 2018


  • Fly out to Kathmandu on the evening of the 9th August. Arrive in Kathmandu at approximately lunch time the following day.
  • Ten day volunteer Corps from Friday 10th August to Monday 20th August. This will include three days of volunteering at the Hope School in Kathmandu and three days of volunteering at the Chhaimale Village, helping a community badly affected by the 2015 earthquake. JP is currently overseeing the building of a factory and community hall and we will help at this location.  For 7/8 of these nights we will be staying at a hotel in Kathmandu and for 2/3 nights at a resort next to the Chhaimale Village project.
  • Whilst we are in Kathmandu we will actively engage with the Church and the mature brothers will be asked to preach and lead communion. Communion is held in the homes of disciples and so we will all get an opportunity to visit the homes of our Nepalese brethren.
  • The days we are not working we will have a chance to look around Kathmandu and also go to Church.
  • Cost of the ten day volunteer corp including comprehensive medical and travel insurance is £525. This includes all transport costs to all locations and to and from airport, food, accommodation and guides.
  • There is then the option to go on a trek. We have two possible treks and we will make a decision about which one we do or indeed offer both depending upon interest. We have chosen to fly to one of the most beautiful parts of Nepal for the trek. This makes it more expensive, but we felt the trek last time was a bit disappointing. We will fly to Pokhora and from there travel to the foothills of Annapurna. 
  • The cost of the trek, including flights to Pokhora and four further nights of accommodation, food and mountain trekking guides is in the region of £400, depending on which trek we go for.
  • We would fly back to Kathmandu on the 23rd and stay in the hotel in Kathmandu and fly back to London on the 24th August.
  • These costs do not include flights to and from London, but everything else is included.
  • Total cost including trek is about £925.
  • Each participant must apply to register for the trip and there will be a vetting procedure, including health checks. The vetting procedure includes obtaining references. Contact Jane Whitworth to obtain a registration form.
  • We would ask that you tell Jane when you propose to book flights so that as many of us arrive at the same time as possible to decrease the number of pick ups from the airport.

HOPE Volunteer Corps – 2018

The 2018 HOPE Volunteer Corps (HVC) will open for registrations from 1 Dec 2017.

There will be two HVCs in Zambia next year:

HVC 1: 15-29 July 2018, Early Childhood Development program

HVC 2: 4-18 Aug 2018, Aquaponics farm program

More details will be available from 1 Dec on the HVC website at:

Best wishes,
Steve and Sharon

Worship Music Survey!! What are we listening to?

Please use below link to download the file

Worship Music Survey – tvcoc

Our style of worship has developed over the years. Most of our congregations have moved from an a cappella hymn-based Church of Christ style to a mix of hymns, choruses, worship songs and other genres. Such diversity of worship music reflects the diverse backgrounds and preferences in our congregations today. That’s were we’ve been, and where we are. But where are we going? Worship music is more varied than at any previous time. From plainsong to Hillsong we have an extensive menu available. Access to worship music is more open than ever. Radio, the web, smart phones and the like mean we’re never more than a click away from music. The worship team want to make the most of new ideas while not neglecting what is good in our current approach. Answering the questions below will give us some guidance. Your comments will help us to keep what is helpful, while exploring the new.

1. Do you listen to music on Christian radio stations / online? If so, which ones? What is it about the music on that station you like?

2. List three of your favourite worship artists / albums / groups and what you like about them. • • •
3. Which songs or types of songs that you listen to would you like to see us add to our times of corporate worship?

Do you have any other thoughts you think would be useful for the worship team?

Thank you and God bless,