Announcements Friday 28 September 2018

*Parents of preteens are meeting tonight, Friday 28th, after church in the meeting room
*This Sunday 30th September we are in our locations and family groups for church
*Pray for the next Salisbury service this Sunday coming on 30th September
*7th October we are all at the Meadow suite in Reading University, 2.30pm. It’s our Harvest service.
*Pray for the High Wycombe ministry who are developing a friendship with another congregation in High Wycombe.
*Please send Malcolm any questions you have about the Kingdom this weekend. This will help his preparation for the new class series beginning next Friday.
*Teen night is at the Cockburn’s, 6pm in two weeks’ time

Donations to the “One Can Trust” foodbank: harvest festival service, 7th October

We will be taking in donations to the “One Can Trust” foodbank at our harvest festival service on 7th October.
Certain items in particular are in short supply. Namely:
long life milk
pasta sauces
tinned potatoes
tinned fruit
tinned tuna
tinned meat meals
tinned meat pies
tinned ham/corned beef
tinned hot dogs and meat balls
tinned veg
shower gel
tooth brushes
tooth paste
toilet rolls
If not these items, then any non-perishable and in date items would be welcome.
The organisation is in High Wycombe –
Arrangements have been made to collect the produce from the next Reading service on October 7th.
The High Wycombe family group will help to unload all the produce at the foodbank warehouse later in October.
Many thanks
Albert & Angela

ICMC Europe 2019

As some of you may know, we are not having our February student retreat this year. This is to allow as many students as possible come to the upcoming ICMC Europe. Registration is not online yet, but we are hoping to get the word out early to allow students to book flights. Accommodation will be included in the registration. So far the UK/Nordics, central Europe, and western Europe are all attending with the potential for 350 students to be there. The dates will be April 19-22, 2019 I will make sure to keep everyone up to date with the details. 


Zach Anton 

Talks preceding the taking of communion

Hi everyone,

I would be grateful if everybody who does communion talks could take the time, when you have it available, to either watch the video or listen to the audio of my thoughts about the basics of what it takes to present a meaningful communion talk.

I have not covered everything, but simply the basics. If you find it difficult to watch the video, or access the audio, let me know and I will send you the link or audio file directly.

Many thanks, God bless, Malcolm

Tuesday Teaching Tips, Episode 123: “Three ‘S’s for a super communion”

1. Presentation: Short; 1 Scripture; 1 point; Story (emotionally engaging, not emotionally overwhelming); Avoid jargon

2. Focus – 1 Cor 11, Lk 22: Jesus; Proclaim his death; Relevant scripture; Why taking bread and wine – what is the connection?

The three “S”s….


The audio version is on my podcast:…/6994649-tuesday-teaching-tips-three…

“What happened in Nepal?” Thames Valley churches of Christ

Chris, Harry, Ben & Becky report on their experiences with the HOPE Youth Corp in Nepal this last month.

Thank you for watching this video.

Please add your comments on this week’s topic. We learn best when we learn in community.

Do you have a question about the Bible or the Christian faith? Is it theological, technical, practical? Send us your questions or suggestions.

Thanks again for watching. Have a super day.

God bless,


Family Group Leaders Meeting, 7 October

We’ll have a gathering for all family group leaders after church on 7th October. It’s time to meet up and inspire one another with vision for the future!

Announcement for parents of preteens

Your meeting has been moved from Friday, 14 September to Friday, 28 September.
It will take place at 9.15PM after the end of the church service.

London lunchtime Bible discussions and fellowship