HOPE Worldwide Nepal Project Report

July – August 2019

Nepal thank the Thames Valley church for their help

“Thank You” plaque from Nepal

Chhaimale Center of Hope inaugurated in Nepal on Nov 18, 2018

John Partington reported last Sunday on the completion of the work he and the Thames Valley churches of Christ have been involved with. This video gives a flavour of the official opening ceremony.

Helping the needy – questionnaire

The questionnaire Michelle has distributed is here.

Michelle Cheema to lead our research into helping the local needy

Albert May announced the appointment of Michelle Cheema to fulfil the role of researching how we, as a church community, can best fulfil our desire to help the needy around where we live and minister. Here are some thoughts from both Albert and Michelle.

Albert says:

“As we move into 2019 we’re all very excited about the prospect of being able to serve more in our local communities. For the first time in our history we will use our annual special gift for the poor to provide assistance to programmes in our very own regions. Because our church covers a wide area the range of needs is large so a lot of thought needs to be given to what will be the best solutions in different regions.  With funds that we have collected that are in surplus to what we wanted to send Nepal in 2018 we will finance about 4-5 person months of part-time work to research, present, design and above all agree with all stakeholders local programmes to serve the needy that we can all be really excited about. We’re delighted that Michelle will undertake this work.  Michelle will be aided by Albert whom has led our assistance to the needy for almost 20 years.”

Michelle comments:

“I am super excited to be given this opportunity to be the first Thames Valley Church of Christ community outreach coordinator. I am looking forward to seeing how God works in multiplying our efforts through sustainable Christ-centred projects throughout our different church locations. We have an amazing church where each and every member have something special to offer the poor and vulnerable in their local community. To God be the glory!”

Please be praying for Michelle to be given insight and wisdom in this role. Feel free to ask her or Albert for more details, and please offer any suggestions you have.

God bless, Malcolm

“What happened in Nepal?” Thames Valley churches of Christ

Chris, Harry, Ben & Becky report on their experiences with the HOPE Youth Corp in Nepal this last month.

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Revised dates for contribution to the work in Nepal

A message from John Partington:
“As many of you know I need to return to Nepal tomorrow for 2 weeks. Please pray that things go well. Because of this we have moved the Gift for the Poor from 13th and 15th July to Friday 20th July and Sunday 5th Aug.
Money can still be given after these dates but this will be when we would like to have most of the money in.
Many thanks, John”

“Everything you need to know about the gift for the poor, 2018”

Recently JP gave an inspiring and informative presentation on the work of HOPE worldwide in Nepal.  He told us what had already been done, and what the vision was for the future.

His involvement most directly is in guiding the building of a factory.

Our part in Thames Valley will be to raise money to assist the farmers in making the most of the factory.

The way we will do this is by taking a collection in July, the first £30,000 of which will go to supplying micro-loans to the farmers.

All the details are in the attached TV Gift for the Poor.

Here is the TV Pledge sheet.

If you have any questions, please ask John himself.  We are very grateful to him for his enthusiasm, compassion and vision.

God bless, Malcolm

Galatians 2: 10  – “All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do.”