“Celebrate!” London conference schedule details

Here are few more details about the London conference coming up.

Friday 19:30: “Celebrate – God Chose You”, Passover – 2 Kings 2, Logan Hall

8:30 Campus/ Teen, “Celebrate God” – Isaiah 40, Russell Square

8:30 Parents of Teens, “Celebrate the Teen Years” – Psalm 127 Room 802/804

9:30 Hope Talk, “Celebrate Hope”, Room 802/804

11:00 Men’s General, “Men Who Dream” – Psalm 126, Logan Hall

12:00 Women’s General, “Celebrate Women’s Ministry” – Prov 31, Logan Hall

13:00 Lunch

Married Women, “Celebrate Life”, Logan Hall
Singles “Celebrate Life”, Jeffrey Hall
Teen “Celebrate Life”, Room 777/780
Campus “Celebrate Life”, Room 802/804
Mature Singles, “Celebrate Life”, Room 828

Married Men, “Celebrate Life”, Logan Hall
Single/Teen/ Campus “Celebrate the Mission”, Jeffrey Hall
Single/Teen/ Campus “Celebrate One Another Relationships”, Room 802/804
Single/Teen/ Campus “Celebrate Training”, Room 777/780
Single/Teen/ Campus “Celebrate Purity” – Men, Room 784/790
Single/Teen/ Campus “Celebrate Purity” – Women, Room 828

17:00 General, “Celebrate the Holy Spirit”, Pentecost – Acts 2, Andy Fleming, Logan Hall

19:00 Missions Tables, Open Hall, By Churches

19:30 General, PARTY, Jeffrey Hal


9:00 Prayer/ Devotional, “Celebrate Prayer”, Drama Studio

10:30 “We Had to Celebrate”, Luke 15, Mohan Nanjundan, Logan Hall

All day Saturday, Kids Crèche