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HOPE Volunteer Corps - 2018

The 2018 HOPE Volunteer Corps (HVC) will open for registrations from 1 Dec 2017.

There will be two HVCs in Zambia next year:

HVC 1: 15-29 July 2018, Early Childhood Development program

HVC 2: 4-18 Aug 2018, Aquaponics farm program

More details will be available from 1 Dec on the HVC website at:

Best wishes,
Steve and Sharon

Zambia Update march 2017

As 2017 rapidly marches on, a news update is long overdue. The last time I wrote was over the Christmas period, when  our family was heading towards Namibia, by road.  We all returned safely, 4,500 kms later, we enjoyed our roadside view of Africa so much that we’re already discussing a longer trip through Botswana and to the Cape next Christmas.

Work at HOPE in Zambia has been busy and sustained so far in 2017, but no new big initiative that I can break to you in this newsletter. There is still lots going on though :

As part of our DREAMS Innovation Challenge grant from the US Dept. of State we went through a 3 day exercise to asses our organisational capacity.  This looked at the policies we have in place; our financial checks and balances; how well we deliver and measure our programs; and how we plan for the future.  We’ve done a lot of work in these areas over the last 18 months – it’s vital in order to win  new funding.  Although HwwZ is one of the smallest charities to be awarded funding under DREAMS, I’m very very pleased to be able to share that the team reached an aggregated score of 90%. They’ve all worked hard to get to this level. We will over the next 12 months add further capacity in areas identified during the appraisal.

We are busy preparing for the HOPE volunteer Corps who will be joining us in Zambia in July.  We’re amazed that Zambia was such a popular destination, with 41 people joining the trip.  The volunteers will be helping to improve a government preschool in the Mtendere area of Lusaka.  HwwZ will take over the day to day running of the school later this year, bringing the same excellence in early childhood education that we’re currently delivering through over private The Learning Tree (TLT) preschool in Kabulonga. At the TLT we have filled places for 15 pupils so far, with free spaces for Orphans and Vulnerable children, alongside the fee paying children.

I’m currently making my way back to Zambia from Zurich, Switzerland.  The SwissRe Foundation run a Resource Award each year, where they invite social entrepreneurs to pitch for funds to expand their ventures.  We applied on behalf of Clearwater Farms, to expand use of our aquaponic farming methods among a cohort of smallholders around Zambia.  Sharon co-opted the children to pray for Dad’s trip, and I’m  sure for that reason alone Clearwater went on to win the award this year.  It brings coaching over 3 years, prestige and exposure, and some funds to support the expansion of Clearwater  along social entrepreneurial lines.  Very exciting.  Further details at :

Thank you all for your support for the work of HOPE in Zambia.  We look forward to meeting up with many of you face-to-face when we visit the UK again, in June

God bless



HOPE Youth Corp 2017

jeremy_building_house_003Hello Church!

As promised please find the details about the upcoming HOPE Youth Corps project in Zambia. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will try to help. Please note this is open to families, singles, campus, teens and couples as long as those who are not travelling with their families are over 15 years old. Registration begins this Thursday, 1st December via the link below!

advice can be given on how to fund raise to pay for your place 🙂 I hope that Thames Valley Church will be able to represent with as many volunteers as possible!

DATES: last 2 weeks of July 2017
2017 Lusaka HYC Description

Zambia is known as the REAL Africa, it boasts some of the continents best wildlife and breath-taking natural attractions but it has some very impoverished and vulnerable communities as well. In July 2017 Lusaka, will host a HYC group for 2 weeks of volunteering, fun activities and service in the lord. The volunteer work will take place in Mtendere which is a high-density housing compound in a very poor area in the Eastern part of Lusaka which is the capital city of Zambia.

HOPE worldwide ZAMBIA (HwwZ) will be renovating Mtendere Preschool and transforming it into an ECD (Early Childhood Development) Centre. The preschool is currently in a rundown state with a broken toilet system, understaffed teaching workforce and without a library or toys for the kids. Many of the children who currently attend Mtendere Pre-school are from vulnerable households.

The ECD Centre will boost early year’s education for children aged 6 months to 6 years old in Mtendere and the surrounding areas. Our plan also includes setting up the pre-school with good programs, development plans for the teachers, a review of processes, curriculum and lesson plans, building a new toilet block at the site, and setting up a book and toy library.
During their 2-weeks stay in the country, HYC volunteers work will include: decorative work e.g painting; putting up posters; setting up classrooms; gardening; developing programmes and lessons for children; developing a teacher training plan and setting up a book and toy library. Specialized skill sets are encouraged but all are welcome to lend a hand in helping set up a great preschool that we believe will change the lives of many kids by giving them the tools that they need to survive this world.

The 2017 Lusaka HYC will teach you to connect to God in completely new ways such as worship through service, gratitude and spiritual growth that comes from empathy. Expect to have your faith in God and love for your fellow man stretched like you never have before.

Lastly, expect lots of fun activities and exploration. With themed evenings such as Game Night, Karaoke Night, Folk Tale Night and a Wacky talent show; there’ll be no dull moments during your stay. The visit to Lilayi Lodge will give HYC volunteers a chance to get close up and personal with earth’s largest mammal at the Elephant Orphanage. Also on offer are game drives, guided walks and horseback safaris for volunteers who want to view a variety of Antelope, Wildebeest, Zebra, Giraffe and the myriad bird-life.

So, if you are looking to grow your faith, love and walk with God through service and are up for a fun time and exploration then join us in Lusaka for HOPE Youth Corps 2017.

Best Regards,
Michelle Cheema
Independent Thermomix Advisor/Team Leader
079475 99329

Zambia Update October 2016

rose_photoThree of our staff members traveled to Johannesburg last week for orientation meetings around the DREAMS* Innovation Challenge program that we’ve been awarded. The HOPE ww Zambia Team did an amazing job in securing the grant; it’s a high-profile program funded directly from the US Department of State and only 56 out of 800 applications were selected. Our program will open 10 After-School Clubs in some of the most challenging areas of Lusaka. The objective is to identify girls who have dropped out, or are at risk of dropping out, of secondary school. Girls’ education is often called the social vaccine against HIV because of the significant reduction in HIV incidence among better-educated girls and young women. Increasing girls’ access to and retention in education reduces their risk of contracting HIV.

As well as the opportunity to help 1,200 girls stay in school, the grant offers technical assistance to the awardees, helping them to build their capacity, processes and tools, to deliver their programs successfully. Our experience of working on larger programs started for myself and two colleagues on the way to the orientation – this was their first ever flight on a plane and there was some nervousness. I’ve flown many times before, so fortunately I was able to give advice about what sort of parachute to take and what to do in case of turbulence (put your head between your knees and start praying loudly). They found a way to pay me back though for my insensitivity, with a few hours of window shopping one evening in a Johannesburg shopping mall – not my cup of tea!

Our other HIV education program, with Safe Motherhood Groups and Youth Friendly groups is also gathering pace. We’ve been able to reach out to 840 Women and Youths so far, with another 18 months of meetings, peer support and training still to come.

Among all the numbers though it’s easy to lose track of the individuals. Rose, aged 10, circled in the attached photo, attends a Community School from 12 noon until 4pm. The Community School has one classroom, where a volunteer (without qualifications) teaches about 40 or more children. After school, Rose walks home again with her friends and arrives back home at about 5.30pm. There is no electricity in the house, so the family use candles for lighting after 6pm when it’s dark. Her mother has little idea from week to week, and sometime day to day, how she’s going to pay the rent, or feed the family. Rose doesn’t care though, you’ll see in the photo that she’s beaming…...Note-to-self: smile more and moan less!!

God Bless


* DREAMS = Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-Free, Mentored, and Safe women.

Zambia Progress Update

A semi regular news update for our staff, volunteers and partners, about our work to serve the poor in Zambia

The seasons have changed now in Zambia, that’s for sure.  The days where we would contemplate a jumper (pullover / sweater / jersey, depending on your origins) are far behind us, and the heat we remember on arriving in Zambia around this time last year is upon us….35°C in the shade today.  This means that we have now tested our Aquaponic fish farm social enterprise in all conditions, from the challenges of keeping the fish warm through the ‘winter’ – not really a proper winter in the UK sense of the word, but cooler weather nevertheless – and now back in the summer where we rely on the shade netting to protect the salads from the sun. Everything is well with both fish and vegetables, our plan is that this project will provide skilled work, generate income, and grow produce for the local high value markets in Zambia.

Work is well underway on the larger farm, out of Lusaka, with space for more Aquaponics…… and living quarters for 5,000 chickens, which has now been completed (see photo attached). We’re also planning a place for visitors to stay on the farm, we’re a little off the beaten track but please do think of joining us for a holiday.  Many friends already have visited us in Lusaka, and have ended up loving the country as we now do.

Since our last update, when we tentatively mentioned a PEPFAR grant application, we’re pleased to say that this has now been awarded to HOPE worldwide Zambia. Overall funding levels are modest, but it’s significant as it’s our first Early Childhood Development project, with many more to follow we hope.  The program will improve the care and education of those who are Vulnerable or Orphaned, often as a result of HIV.  Three of us attended the launch day at the US Embassy here in Lusaka last week; it’s an imposing modern building, high up on a hill. We were treated to a talk from the US Ambassador, who reminded us that the US has spent $1.7b in Zambia since 2004 on fighting HIV/AIDS, an astonishing amount.

If you have any news that you’d like to share in the next update, please do let me know, or send photos

God Bless!