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John Partington takes us on a New Testament tour of the teachings about how we value and use the things God has given us.
John Partington calls us back to one of the fundamental "calls" of Jesus - that of repentance. We learn to look forward and not back, to move from self to…

The Sting

July 12, 2015
At the annual outdoor service in Wellington Country park, Malcolm speaks about the things in life that "sting" and how Jesus can heal the fire in our souls.
Chris Birtles takes us on a tour of the Old Testament references to the Son of Man and the connections with Jesus.

Making a Difference

July 5, 2015
Tim Dannatt shows us how Christians can make a positive difference in this world by faith and perseverance.
Tidu helps us to apply the principle of, "Your God is too small" to family life.


June 7, 2015
Tim Dannatt starts in Luke 10 and then takes us through Revelation 3 and Galatians 6 as we examine some of the issues we face in remaining faithful to the…
Chris Birtles shows us the significance of the Old Testament allusions to Messiah in the form of logos. We get a clearer understanding of the deity and magnificence of Christ.
Tim Dannatt takes us on a tour of the life of King Nebuchadnezzar. We see how his worship of the LORD was less from his heart and more from his…
First session of the Thames Valley Churches of Christ new Leadership Training Programme (LPT), led by Malcolm, Tim and Shevvy.

No Pain, No Gain

May 17, 2015
Heinrich learning to understand the wisdom of trials and the pure joy that follows Godly decisions.
Albert May leading a discussion on the principles and targets for this year's special contribution. Three main choices of continuing to support HOPE in Zambia, contributing to HOPE's international disaster…

Wonderful Grace

May 10, 2015
Malcolm Cox leads us through the parable of the two sons and their father from Luke 15. We learn more about the full extent of God's grace - and learn…
Barry exposing the truths of our human character at the SHINE 2015! Worship service.

In the last days

April 26, 2015
Tony Heath shows us the connection between the prophecy of Joel and the sermon by Peter in Acts 2. We learn how the Holy Spirit teaches us the difference between…

Building a Strong Faith

April 24, 2015
Tim takes passages from Luke 6 & Ephesians 6 to help us build a strong faith that will stay standing after the storms and battles of life have come and…

John the Baptist

April 12, 2015
Tim Dannatt gives us a picture of the character and convictions of John the Baptist.
Malcolm Cox takes us through the fourth chapter of Colossians. Here we find Paul asking for and offering prayer so that doors might open. What kind of doors? Where do…

The Inviting God

March 29, 2015
Chris takes us on a journey through Isaiah 55 revealing the ways in which God invites us to come to know Him and participate in His mission.