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IN FINNISH - Message at the church that meets in Helsinki, see for more details. Handouts are here: HANDOUT WORKSHEET SCRIPTURESöissä-jakeet.pdf

“The Tower of the LORD”

February 28, 2016
Prov 18.10: “The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.” What is the significance of the name of the LORD? Richard helps…
The Apostle Paul's understanding of grace is one we desperately need. His acceptance of the thorn, and celebration of strength in weakness are fundamental to his effectiveness as an ambassador…
What was it that convinced Naaman to dip into the waters of the Jordan river? What can we learn about the idols preventing us from coming into contact with the…
How did the Apostle Paul persuade the Corinthian Christians to give and live generously? What lessons can we learn about godly persuasion? Here is a link to the slides

“A Valentines Sermon”

February 14, 2016
We look at the blessing of companionship with God, and the challenge of being open to God's plans for us when they are different from our own.
We live in a temporary "tent", yet confident of our eternal home. How does this effect the way we live? What is the healthy motivation for pleasing God and carrying…

Chris takes us to the scene in John 9 where Jesus sees things differently to everyone around him. What will you see?
The Patel family share about their inspirational visit to Nepal to participate in the work of HOPE Worldwide.
In the second leadership class of 2016 we explore the meaning of spiritual leadership. What does it mean to be a servant, and are leaders born or made?
Jesus broke taboos everywhere we went. Here we take a look at his radical calling of a tax collector and what this reveals to us about our attitudes towards "others".…
What is the treasure God has placed in our jars of clay? Why are we compared to something so fragile and unimportant? We take a look at what this treasure…

You Are Amazing

January 23, 2016
God says you're amazing, and Harry drives the message through!
What is the ministry of the Holy Spirit? How is the New Covenant superior to the Old Covenant? Paul writes to the Corinthians about righteousness and freedom and we learn…
God is the father of compassion and the God of all comfort. Why do we need to this comfort and how do we find it? You can find the slides…
In the first class on 2 Corinthians we look at the context of the book and some of its themes.

“God’s Riches”

January 10, 2016
Tony Heath speaks to us on the topic of God's Riches from Romans 2, and focusses on God's patience.
The first class of the leadership series for 2016 is focussed on what spiritual ambition looks like.

2015 Carol Service Excerpts

December 13, 2015
Bits and pieces from our carol service this year. Children reading, drumming, playing the flute and reading as well as all the fun singing carols for the adults too.