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John the Baptist

April 12, 2015
Bible Text: Luke 3 | Preacher: Tim Dannatt Tim Dannatt gives us a picture of the character and convictions of John the Baptist.
Bible Text: Colossians 4 | Preacher: Malcolm Cox | Series: Colossians Malcolm Cox takes us through the fourth chapter of Colossians. Here we find Paul asking for and offering prayer so that doors might open. What kind of doors? Where do these doors lead?

The Inviting God

March 29, 2015
Bible Text: Isaiah 55 | Preacher: Chris Watkins Chris takes us on a journey through Isaiah 55 revealing the ways in which God invites us to come to know Him and participate in His mission.
Bible Text: Colossians 3.18-25 How do Christians live at home and work? In this section of Colossians Paul addresses wives, husbands, children, parents and the workforce. Everyone is covered!

“Being Noticed”

March 22, 2015
Bible Text: Luke 7.1-10 | Preacher: Richard Bailey Richard Bailey looks at what God notices, what Jesus notices, and encourages us to live confidently knowing that God notices every prayer and is working things out for our good.
Bible Text: Colossians 3.1-17 | Preacher: Malcolm Cox | Series: Colossians Since we have been raised with Christ, how then should a follower of Jesus live? In this lesson from Colossians 3.1-17, Malcolm examines what Paul teaches, and we learn what to "put off", "put on" and to "put in".

Knowing God Part 2

March 15, 2015
Bible Text: Romans 15:30-33 | Preacher: John Louis John Louis gives us the second presentation on the topic of knowing God. This time we look at the way the apostle Paul experienced God.
Bible Text: Matthew 7.21-24 | Preacher: John Louis John Louis deepens our understanding of what it means to know God. He traces the significance of the Hebrew word 'yada' and shows how God wants to experience our character and He wants to experience ours.

Controversial Jesus

March 8, 2015
Bible Text: Mark 2 | Preacher: Tim Dannatt Jesus said many controversial things. Tim Dannatt's sermon takes us through four of them from Mark 2.


March 1, 2015
Bible Text: Ephesians 2.1-10 | Preacher: Wil Horwood Wil Horwood speaks on the topic of "Mercy".

God Is Able

February 22, 2015
Bible Text: Psalm 104 | Preacher: Marlon Oliver Marlon’s sermon from the service in Lower Earley on 22nd February – title: “God is Able!” Get your Bible out and turn to Psalm 104 as a start …
Bible Text: Luke 2:6-15 | Preacher: Malcolm Cox | Series: Colossians


February 15, 2015
Bible Text: Luke 19:1-10 | Preacher: Simon Evans

Fight the Good Fight

February 8, 2015
Preacher: Scott Green Scott Green on Fighting the Good Fight
Preacher: Lynn Green, Scott Green Scott and Lynn Green sharing on life in the Kingdom

Being Like Jesus

January 25, 2015
Preacher: Richard Bailey Richard Bailey on being like Jesus
Bible Text: Colossians 1:3-27 | Preacher: Malcolm Cox | Series: Colossians Friday night devotional led by Malcolm, based on Colossians. Some questions to prompt discussion or prayers: 1. How does knowing there is “hope stored up for you in heaven” make you feel? 2. What difference does hope make to the way you view your life? 3. What will help you to not “move from the hope held out in the gospel.”? 4. How is “Christ in you” connected to “the hope of glory”?

Visions of Victory

January 18, 2015
Bible Text: Daniel 7 | Preacher: Malcolm Cox
Bible Text: Colossians 1:24-2:5 | Preacher: Malcolm Cox | Series: Colossians

Daniel 3

January 11, 2015
Bible Text: Daniel 3 | Preacher: Tim Dannatt | Series: Daniel Tim preaching on Daniel