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Mustard Seed

September 27, 2015
Having faith as little and small as a tiny mustard seed can and will help each one of us to move the mountains we have hindering progress, our spiritual growth…

“Stress, Worry and Faith”

September 25, 2015
Malcolm takes a look at the topics of stress and worry and faith. We distinguish between floating worry and solvable worry and look at solutions to both. It is a…

The LORD Knows Who Are His

September 20, 2015
Tony Heath sharing about God's all encompassing presence and how he know every one of those who are his.
What does the Bible say about depression and emotional well-being? In this deep Biblically-informed talk, Malcolm & Penny Cox talk about anxiety, depression and spirituality.


August 30, 2015
Jamie May preaching for the first time at the TVCOC Lower Earley services fresh after returning from leading this year's  Youth Camp. Theme is a unified team, apt title for…

Amazing Grace, Luke 7.36-50

August 23, 2015
Bible Text: Luke 7.36-50 | Preacher: Malcolm Cox Malcolm leads a discussion-sermon-communion focussed on the woman who poured perfume on the feet of Jesus. What do we learn about mercy, love and grace?
Bible Text: 1 Peter 1.3-5 | Preacher: Joan Mankoo, Tidu Mankoo Tidu & Joan Mankoo share how to leave a spiritual legacy for our children and grandchildren.

“How to Build a Patio”

August 16, 2015
Bible Text: Matthew 7.24-27 | Preacher: Jonty Culwick Jonty Culwick shares the spiritual lessons learned from building a patio. We also hear about his restoration to Christ as a young man.

“The Philemon Factor”

August 14, 2015
Bible Text: Philemon | Preacher: Malcolm Cox Malcolm Cox leads an interactive class on the book of Philemon. We discover principles for interpreting Epistles and learn about the heart of God for reconciliation.

How To Pray

August 9, 2015
Bible Text: Luke 11:1-13 | Preacher: Heinrich Koorts Prayer
Preacher: Ben Dannatt Ben Dannatt leads a session on how to help young people enjoy church and God. He is ably assisted by a group of people who have grown up in church and become Christians.
Bible Text: Psalm 103 | Preacher: Richard Bailey


July 26, 2015
Bible Text: Mark 4.10-25 | Preacher: Tony Heath Tony Heath lets us in on the secrets of the Kingdom of God. We learn how to un-hide our lives so that others can see the Kingdom for what it really is.
Preacher: John Partington John Partington takes us on a New Testament tour of the teachings about how we value and use the things God has given us.
Bible Text: Luke 13 | Preacher: John Partington John Partington calls us back to one of the fundamental "calls" of Jesus - that of repentance. We learn to look forward and not back, to move from self to God and how to maintain a repentant heart.

The Sting

July 12, 2015
Bible Text: 1 Corinthians 15.56-57 | Preacher: Malcolm Cox At the annual outdoor service in Wellington Country park, Malcolm speaks about the things in life that "sting" and how Jesus can heal the fire in our souls.
Preacher: Chris Birtles | Series: Your God is too small Chris Birtles takes us on a tour of the Old Testament references to the Son of Man and the connections with Jesus.

Making a Difference

July 5, 2015
Bible Text: Nehemiah 4 | Preacher: Tim Dannatt Tim Dannatt shows us how Christians can make a positive difference in this world by faith and perseverance.
Preacher: Tidu Mankoo Tidu helps us to apply the principle of, "Your God is too small" to family life.


June 7, 2015
Bible Text: Luke 10 | Preacher: Tim Dannatt Tim Dannatt starts in Luke 10 and then takes us through Revelation 3 and Galatians 6 as we examine some of the issues we face in remaining faithful to the end.

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