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Hebrews 9 from Malcolm
Malcolm preached from Hebrews 8
Class from Hebrews 6 by Malcolm
Rudie spoke from Hebrews 5. Spiritual Training's.
Malcolm thought from book of Hebrews 4
Malcolm preached from book of Hebrews 3.
Malcolm preaching from book of Hebrews 2
Malcolm spoke from Hebrews 1 talking about God introducing his Son to us.
Malcolm's first class from Hebrews. Introduction to the book, topic Fix Your Eyes on Jesus.
Tim preached about Obstacles to Overcome and Opportunities to Embrace.
Carol Service full service - 2017
Lower Early Christmas Nativity Service. Entire Service Highlights
Tim & Shevvy continued their class from the parable of the sower and explained about soil with thrones and Good soil.
Stefan Wolmarans took lesson about feeling lucky and unlucky from the different angle from the book of Luke from Jesus carrying cross. it was very helpful for all of us.
Tim & Shevvy continued the Parable of the sower with How we can have deep roots in three topics. 1. Deep roots in Prayer, 2. Deep roots in Word 3.…

Faith of the Patriot

November 26, 2017
Ben spoke about Faith from the life of Abraham with below two points. 1. Faith to act 2. Faith to Lose and Faith to Gain
Tim & Shevvy sharing from the parable of the sower. this message of part of 3 classes sharing

Walking In His Steps

November 19, 2017
Obi Spoke about Walking In His Steps from the book of 1 John and referring the book called In His Steps.
Rudie & Lizelle shared about Grace, Mercy & Forgiveness as part of their Healthy Relationship Series

Contribution for Poor-2019

November 10, 2017
Albert along with church discussed about contribution for Poor 2019.