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Chris Birtles helps us to understand the worldview of a Pharisee. He gives us invaluable insight into the thinking of the Apostle Paul. Thank you for watching this video. You…
Malcolm Cox surveys the first part of Acts 3 looking at the Spirit's work in bringing grace-poor and grace-rich people together. We learn lessons about noticing people and expecting the…
Chris Birtles introduces us to the world of worldviews. We learn to question our own worldview and how that affects the way we read the Bible. The worldview of the…
What is the point of the resurrection? Where does joy come from? Tony Heath examines these themes from Matthew chapters 27 & 28. Unfortunately the recording cut out part-way through.…
Tim takes us through key incidents of Moses' life illustrating how God changed him, molding him into the man of faith we encounter in Hebrews 11. Thank you for watching…

“The Journey”

March 25, 2018
In his final sermon before returning to India, Johnson showed us aspects of the journey Jesus took on his way to the cross. Thank you for watching this video. You…
C J spoke from book of Acts and how we need to be devoted in praying and taking ministry on word.
Tony spoke about Gideon life and encourage all to be mighty warrior
Malcolm preached from Acts 1. Pls watch to learn more.
Obi spoke from Hebrews about faith.

How to reap the Rewards?

March 4, 2018
Malcolm talked about How to reap rewards? in the Gods perceptive . it was very helpful class. not our experience his will.
In this final class we look at some of the warnings and promises in Hebrews. The associated Handout can be found at the link. Please leave a comment with your own thoughts,…
Rynhardt Spoke from Hebrews 13 about The Final Episode
Malcolm class from Hebrews 12.
Heinrich spoke from the book of Hebrews about Fear or Faith.
Malcolm class from Hebrews 10. How to be Willing?
Hebrews 9 from Malcolm
Malcolm preached from Hebrews 8
Class from Hebrews 6 by Malcolm
Rudie spoke from Hebrews 5. Spiritual Training's.