Spiritual Ambition

Spiritual Ambition

In our first leadership class of 2016 we looked at the issue of “Spiritual Ambition”. One of the questions we asked in the session was who in the Bible inspired us with their spiritual ambition.

We also asked people for their definitions of spiritual ambition.  Here are some of the responses:

Definitions of Spiritual Ambition

“With reluctance and humility recognising God’s call and his will you become a servant with a desire to see change.”

Amey, Tom, Saroj and Caroline composed the following tweet: “A person with spiritual ambition does the best they can with what they have for the glory of God”


Biblical Examples of Spiritual Ambition

Pip, Anna-kaisa and Harry said, “Our biblical character is Moses:  Mark 10:45.”

Amey, Tom, Saroj and Caroline’s Bible character: the woman with the alabaster jar. She did all she could with all she had and as a result gained forgiveness and salvation, Mark 14:8.