May 5, 2019

“Backs against the wall”, 2 Chronicles 32.1-23, Ben Dannatt, Thames Valley churches of Christ

Passage: 2 Chronicles 32
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2 Chron 32.1-23
Hezekiah’s life-story is one of commitment and recommitment to God despite the laxness of his forebears.
Sennacherib was the head of the strongest empire of the day. His armies were accustomed to steamrolling all opposition.
Hezekiah had his back against the wall, as do we are so many people in the world. How can we respond in a healthy way? So many things are way beyond our strength, power and wisdom.
Hezekiah‘s response was to pray, and to prayer with other people (Isaiah 37.14-15). Unity in prayer leads to partnership in the gospel and a display of the power of God. Not going through the motions of prayer, but fully giving our hearts’ concerns to God.
Our problems are not out of God’s league, even if they are out of ours.
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