“By the Spirit” – Class 3: “Walk by the Spirit”
July 26, 2019

“By the Spirit” – Class 3: “Walk by the Spirit”

Passage: Galatians 5.13-6.10
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"By the Spirit” - Class 3

Walk by the Spirit

1. Walk Away, 5:16-21

  • Romans 7 - to which Romans 8 is the answer - a Spirit-guided response - 8:27
  • Rom 8:9 - we are in the realm of the Spirit, v12-13 we can put to death the old life
  • All I dislike about this world will be improved by a more Christ-like version of me.
  • One of our aspirations: “always free but spiritual”, Galatians 5:13
  • Solution provided by God so that we can walk in the right direction, Rom 8.26-27:
    • Spirit is on our side
    • Spirit prays for us
    • Spirit moves us towards the will of God

Question: “What helps us to walk away?”

2. Walk Towards, 5:22-25

  • Matt 7:15, fruit makes us recognisable for who we are, 7:19-20.
  • Not ‘normal’ levels of human qualities - but Jesus-level!
  • That’s why we need the Spirit’s life in us (Spirit of Christ, Rom 8.9), 2 Cor 3:17-18
  • Direction, not arrival; Process, not product; Lifetime, not year
  • John Mark - from hindrance to helpful: Acts 15:37–38 / 2 Timothy 4:11

Question: “What helps us to walk towards?”

3. Walk With, 5:26; 6:1-2

  • Growing in the Spirit makes us ready for service
  • Treating one another right, 5.26
  • Helping one another when we stray, 6.1-2
  • Remembering we are human too, Gal 6.3
  • A peacemaker, Matthew 5:9

Question: “What helps us to walk with?”

Conclusion, 6.7-10

  • People of “The Way”: Acts 9:2; 19.9, 23; 24.14, 22
  • Walking in a particular and different direction:
    1. Walking away
    2. Walking towards
    3. Walking with
  • Gal 5.6b; 6:10
  • What does each of these points mean for you and your ‘group’?
  • How will you adjust the way you pray & live as a result?
  • Do you have questions about the Spirit? Send them to malcolm@malcolmcox.org.
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