April 14, 2019

“God’s Grace on the Road to Eternity”, Mikko Summala, Thames Valley churches of Christ

Passage: Matt 6.7-8
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Grace - what we need here and now
Prayer - what we need to help us get from here to there
Salvation - where we are going
Grace and Mercy
  • Is 30.18
  • Rom 8.38-39
  • God is eager to offer grace
  • Jn 3.14, 16
  • “Eternal life”
  • God determined not to lose anyone
  • God’s main tool for helping us to get from receiving grace and achieving salvation
  • Man speaking to God
  • Active stopping, listening, confession, asking
  • Matt 6.7-8
  • Ask
  • God will hear you
  • God already knows what you need
How does this fit together?
  • Grace (GOD); Jesus (SALVATION); Spirit (PRAYER)
How does the LORD want us to talk to him?
Matt 6.7-8
  • A simple call to pray
  • Almighty God
  • Father, LORD, The Creator of the universe
  • Bread - the stuff we need to live this day
  • Daily - living one day at a time
  • Debt - everything that needs to be paid back
  • Forgiving others is the harder part
  • Especially because emotions are involved
  • Leave the sins of others behind
  • Temptation/Testing
  • We have freedom of choice; important to utilize that with responsibility
  • Need protection from the power of Satan
  • The power is God’s
  • Confident in surrendering
  • Being dependent on God is
Salvation progression
  1. Awareness
  2. Recognition
  3. Confession
  4. Request
See also Neh 9.14-21
God’s love encompasses the whole process.
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