“How to Ask”, John 4.43-54
January 13, 2019

“How to Ask”, John 4.43-54

Passage: John 4.43-54
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Jesus wants us to ask him for things. But, what should we ask for, and how should we ask? In this lesson we do not cover everything to do with the topic, but we learn a valuable lesson from a royal official who asked Jesus for something.
Our key point today: "Requests are heard when we take Jesus at his word”
  1. Go
  2. Asking
  3. Trusting
When we go to the right source, ask and do not give up, and trust in the answers we receive, leading to faithful actions, we can expect to see God move powerfully.
What do you sense God bringing to your attention?  Are you going to him for your help, support and answers? Are you continuing to ask him for his help, comfort, wisdom? And are you acting on what you are discovering?
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