February 17, 2019

“Jesus’ Final Words”, John Chapter 19

Passage: John 19
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John’s drama: focussed here on the glorification of the Word in the world.
The Characters
  • Pilate - the Roman Governor
    • Torn in two directions
  • Soldiers - local law enforcement
    • Unthinking
    • Brutal
  • Jews - the mob; High Priests - religious leaders
    • Hypocrites
    • Self-righteous
    • Blind
    • Driven by passion, not reason
  • The women and men at the foot of the cross - Jesus' mother and friends
    • Brave
    • Loyal
  • Jospeh of Arimathea and Nicodemus - member of Jewish council
    • Loving
In what ways are these characters reflected in my life?
  • Flogging / Robe / Crown of thorns
    • Most people went mad or lost consciousness
    • He is still standing
  • His words
    • v11 - Authority
      • Pilate does have power of him, but because given from above
      • Jesus secure even though the authority delegated to Pilate is being abused
      • 1 Tim 2.1
      • 1 Peter 2.13-14
      • Pray for those in authority
    • "Here is your mother” vv26-27
      • Who is my family?
      • Those loyal to Jesus
    • “I am thirsty”, vv28-30 ‘ “It is finished"
      • It’s not really finished, in a way
      • Fruit was to come
      • Nicodemus and Jospeh were brought out of the woodwork by what Jesus did.
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