November 3, 2019

“One Worthy Walk”, Jack Legon, Thames Valley churches of Christ

Passage: Ephesians 4
Service Type:
Ephesians 2.19-22
The context preceding Ephesians 4 is that through God: We are Blessed; Chosen; Redeemed; recipients of God’s Mercy; we were once dead, now alive; Greece has been lavished on us; good works have been prepared for us; citIzens of his kingdom, part of his family, part of his temple.
Eph 4.1-16
  1. One Heart
  • Eph 4.1-3
  • Worthy? Live up to what given.
  • Priority is unity as a body in Christ.
  • How?
    • Humble, gentle, patient, bear in love, keep unity of the Spirit
    • Which is easiest?
    • Which is hardest?
  • What gets in the way of offering these godly qualities to other members of the body?
  1. One Body
    • Eph 4.4-6
    • So many things unite us
    • One: Body; Spirit; Hope; Lord; Faith; Baptism; God and Father
    • We live in a divided time. Don’t underestimate how the social climate might effect your own treatment of people different from you.
    • Focus on what unites us, rather than what is different.
    • Celebrate difference/diversity without overemphasising differences.
  2. One Goal
    • Eph 4.11-16
    • Our different gifts and talents are to bless the entire body
    • Congregational maturity needed, and progressed by everyone playing their part.
    • How?
      • Speak the truth in love, v15
      • Each part does its work, v16
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