September 9, 2018

“Pay Attention!”, Acts 7

Passage: Acts 7
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When we pay attention we notice what God is doing. When we don't pay attention we miss out. Malcolm explores the lessons on paying attention from Acts chapter 7


  • Charge One: Stephen is anti-temple
  • Charge Two: Stephen is anti-law
  • Summary: Jesus wants to destroy the temple and the law


  • You seek to preserve a law you have not obeyed and protect a temple in which God does not dwell
  • You have made an idol of the very law which forbids idols.
  • You killed the people God sent to help you - including the most recent one
  • Your pride has blinded you and deafened you to what God did and is doing
  • You don’t keep the law and you dishonour the temple by making it an idol

How to notice: Three ‘A’s

1. Agony
2. Anxiety
3. Anger

Mistakes to avoid:

1: Don’t reject God’s messenger
2: Don’t restrict God influence
3: Don’t resist God’s calling

How to respond:

  • Open heart, mind
  • Listen to truth
  • Act in faith

Don’t miss out on the adventure!

People who pay attention live with faith, hope, zeal, wake up eager, pray with expectation

If you don’t pay attention you’ll pay the price

If you pay attention Jesus will stand up for you!

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