The Atonement class 2
September 23, 2016

The Atonement class 2

Passage: John 2.1-2
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In this second class of three on the atonement, we look at the "Substitution" and "Healing" models in some detail.

The slides can be found by clicking here.

“The Father, because of His love for human beings, sent His son (who offered himself willingly and gladly) to satisfy God’s justice, so that Christ took the place of sinners. The punishment and penalty we deserved was laid on Jesus Christ instead of us, so that in the cross both God’s holiness and love are manifested" ‘The Nature of Atonement’, IVP

“The atonement means that the relationship between humans and God is restored (healed). The central piece in this restoration is that God, through the Servant who personally takes on all our iniquities, grants forgiveness of sins....The punishment for our sins, which was often meted out in terms of suffering, sickness and calamity, has also been taken on by that Servant. His absorption of both the sin and its punishment is the means to our healing and restoration, by grace bringing us shalom or well-being in all its richness.” The Nature of the Atonement”, p130

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