January 18, 2019

“The Eagle’s Eye”: Class 3, John Chapters 5-6

Passage: John 5-6
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“The Eagle’s Eye”: Class 3

John Chapters 5-6

1. “Believe!”

  • ‘pisteuo’ - 100
  • God: 14:1; God as the one who sent Jesus: 12:44; What the Old Testament says: 2:22; 5:46-47; Jesus as the one sent by God: 6:29; Jesus’ name: 2:23; Jesus himself: 3:18; 4:39; 10:42; 12:42, etc.; Jesus as the son of man: 9:35-38; Jesus’s miracles: 10:38; Jesus as the Messiah:11:27; 20:3; What Jesus says: 8.45-46; 14:11; The fact that Jesus is in the Father and that the Father is in Jesus: 14:10; 7:21
  • Faith as ‘allegiance’
  • John 3.36; 8.31-32
    1. Mental affirmation
    2. Professed fealty
    3. Enacted loyalty

2. Digging Deeper: John 5.1-15

  • Bethesda’s pool and 5 Colonnades up
  • Luke’s geography
    • 32 _________________
    • __ cities
    • 9 __________________
    • __  mistakes

3. “It is I”: John 6.16-21

  • From mountaintop experiences to storms of doubt
  • Power or presence?


  • “What has stood out to you from tonight?”
  1. Read John 7-8 between now and Sunday
  2. Discuss what you’re learning and your questions with your spouse/friends.
  3. Ask God to reveal what aspect of Jesus he would like you to focus on through this series.
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