“They spoke so effectively” Class I: “Why we speak”
October 11, 2019

“They spoke so effectively” Class I: “Why we speak”

Passage: Acts 14:1
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“They Spoke So Effectively”

Acts 14.1

Class I: “Why we speak”

Our motivation, aims, purpose in speaking. The activity of God in speaking.

Find a God-inspired motivation and you will find something to say, and the motivation to say it.


  • QUESTION: “Why do we speak in congregational gatherings?”

Biblical ‘speaking’

  • QUESTION: “What are some of the ways God ‘spoke’ to humankind in scripture?”
  • 2 Corinthians 5.19-20
  • Romans 10.15
  • QUESTION: Since God is perfectly capable of speaking for himself, “Why does he choose to do so through humans?“
  • Summary
    • God speaks through …………
    • It’s the ………. way to communicate his truth and love

Response and question and answer session

  • Responses?
  • Questions?


  • Next week: “What to speak about” - How to pick a passage/topic; how to exegete; lesson planning tips.
  • Homework for next time:
    • Write a one sentence summary of why you speak - share next time
    • Send me questions/suggestions

Resources: Tuesday Teaching Tips

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