Knowing God Part 2

March 15, 2015
Bible Text: Romans 15:30-33 | Preacher: John Louis John Louis gives us the second presentation on the topic of knowing God. This time we look at the way the apostle Paul experienced God.
Bible Text: Matthew 7.21-24 | Preacher: John Louis John Louis deepens our understanding of what it means to know God. He traces the significance of the Hebrew word 'yada' and shows how God wants to experience our character and He wants to experience ours.

What Is Your God Like

January 12, 2014
Bible Text: 1 John 4:16 | Preacher: Mikko Summala What is your God like? Discussion from a service in Helsinki HANDOUTS What is Your God Like (English)   Millainen on sinun Jumalasi? (Finnish)