In the last days

April 26, 2015
Bible Text: Acts 2 | Preacher: Tony Heath Tony Heath shows us the connection between the prophecy of Joel and the sermon by Peter in Acts 2. We learn how the Holy Spirit teaches us the difference between urgency and emergency, working it out and working out, and challenged and challenging.
Bible Text: Colossians 4 | Preacher: Malcolm Cox | Series: Colossians Malcolm Cox takes us through the fourth chapter of Colossians. Here we find Paul asking for and offering prayer so that doors might open. What kind of doors? Where do these doors lead?

The Inviting God

March 29, 2015
Bible Text: Isaiah 55 | Preacher: Chris Watkins Chris takes us on a journey through Isaiah 55 revealing the ways in which God invites us to come to know Him and participate in His mission.