“The Journey”

March 25, 2018
In his final sermon before returning to India, Johnson showed us aspects of the journey Jesus took on his way to the cross. Thank you for watching this video. You…

“Stimulating Growth”

July 31, 2016
Ben May preaches his first ever sermon. His call to spiritual growth resonates. We consider how to make sure we are on a good spiritual diet, and taking healthy spiritual…

“God Has A Plan”

July 3, 2016
Tim takes us through the traumatic events that led to Paul being shipwrecked. We learn that God has a good plan in all circumstances, and to trust Him even when…

“How to Build a Patio”

August 16, 2015
Bible Text: Matthew 7.24-27 | Preacher: Jonty Culwick Jonty Culwick shares the spiritual lessons learned from building a patio. We also hear about his restoration to Christ as a young man.