December 1, 2019

“Transformation”, Tidu Mankoo, Thames Valley churches of Christ

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The Christian life is a journey of transformation towards ever-increasing Christ-likeness.
If we are going to grow, we will need to transform our thinking.
Eph 2.22 - building well requires transformation. Needs the energy of the Spirit to be built well for God.
2 Cor 5.17 - new creation requires new thinking. What are we looking at, learning from in order to grow?
Lk18.9-14 - be careful to not look at others in a judgmental way. We are no better than anyone else. Jesus looks at people differently to those who would condemn people.
1 Sam 16.7
2 Cor 3.18 - life has a target - Christ-likeness
Rom 12.1-2 - we need different thinking from that in the world.
Matt 15.3, 7-9 - be careful not to be set in tradition.
Matt 12.29-31 - the two most important commandments are focussed on love
Jn 13.34-35 - love is the defining mark of followers of Jesus
Gal 5.6 - faith is best expressed through love
In this context, love is not a feeling, but an action.
Jesus meets us where we are. Change comes as a consequence of encounter, not the demand to change.
Phil 1.3-6 - growth will be ongoing. Be content with that.
Col 3.9-10 - growing into our essential nature.
Gal 2.20 - Christ living in me is a strengthening thought as we strive to grow.
Gal 6.15
Jn 14.15-17 - we have a helper. The Spirit is our helper. Do not limit him by our way of thinking.
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