Worship Music Survey!! What are we listening to?

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Worship Music Survey – tvcoc

Our style of worship has developed over the years. Most of our congregations have moved from an a cappella hymn-based Church of Christ style to a mix of hymns, choruses, worship songs and other genres. Such diversity of worship music reflects the diverse backgrounds and preferences in our congregations today. That’s were we’ve been, and where we are. But where are we going? Worship music is more varied than at any previous time. From plainsong to Hillsong we have an extensive menu available. Access to worship music is more open than ever. Radio, the web, smart phones and the like mean we’re never more than a click away from music. The worship team want to make the most of new ideas while not neglecting what is good in our current approach. Answering the questions below will give us some guidance. Your comments will help us to keep what is helpful, while exploring the new.

1. Do you listen to music on Christian radio stations / online? If so, which ones? What is it about the music on that station you like?

2. List three of your favourite worship artists / albums / groups and what you like about them. • • •
3. Which songs or types of songs that you listen to would you like to see us add to our times of corporate worship?

Do you have any other thoughts you think would be useful for the worship team?

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