Zambia Progress Update

A semi regular news update for our staff, volunteers and partners, about our work to serve the poor in Zambia

The seasons have changed now in Zambia, that’s for sure.  The days where we would contemplate a jumper (pullover / sweater / jersey, depending on your origins) are far behind us, and the heat we remember on arriving in Zambia around this time last year is upon us….35°C in the shade today.  This means that we have now tested our Aquaponic fish farm social enterprise in all conditions, from the challenges of keeping the fish warm through the ‘winter’ – not really a proper winter in the UK sense of the word, but cooler weather nevertheless – and now back in the summer where we rely on the shade netting to protect the salads from the sun. Everything is well with both fish and vegetables, our plan is that this project will provide skilled work, generate income, and grow produce for the local high value markets in Zambia.

Work is well underway on the larger farm, out of Lusaka, with space for more Aquaponics…… and living quarters for 5,000 chickens, which has now been completed (see photo attached). We’re also planning a place for visitors to stay on the farm, we’re a little off the beaten track but please do think of joining us for a holiday.  Many friends already have visited us in Lusaka, and have ended up loving the country as we now do.

Since our last update, when we tentatively mentioned a PEPFAR grant application, we’re pleased to say that this has now been awarded to HOPE worldwide Zambia. Overall funding levels are modest, but it’s significant as it’s our first Early Childhood Development project, with many more to follow we hope.  The program will improve the care and education of those who are Vulnerable or Orphaned, often as a result of HIV.  Three of us attended the launch day at the US Embassy here in Lusaka last week; it’s an imposing modern building, high up on a hill. We were treated to a talk from the US Ambassador, who reminded us that the US has spent $1.7b in Zambia since 2004 on fighting HIV/AIDS, an astonishing amount.

If you have any news that you’d like to share in the next update, please do let me know, or send photos

God Bless!



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